5 Interior Design Ideas for a Luxurious Living Room

 5 Interior Design ideas for a luxurious living room


A luxurious living room should make you feel comfortable and relaxed. It is, after all, the most visited place in the house; the place that people come to sit and enjoy each other’s company.   Because of this, you want your living room to be a beautiful, luxurious and reflect your personality and style, whether you enjoy contemporary, modern or retro design. Here are five interior design ideas for a luxurious living room.

1.Create a Focal Point That Draws its Occupants into the Space


A focal point in the living room will anchor its occupants to the space.  A focal point can be a beautiful view out a large picture window, a peaceful fireplace, or a beautiful piece of art.  It is important that your living room is not cluttered, or the focal point will get lost in the mess. For example, your eye is drawn to the beautiful fireplace in the Kleinburg Crown Estate model home living room pictured above.

2.Living Room Colour will Create the Mode and an Instant Feeling of Luxury.

Hints for how to set the mood with colour in your living room include:

  • To give your living room a soft, sophisticated look, apply a tone-on-tone palette that uses only neutrals.
  • For a luxurious effect try an elegant palette of champagne pink, white and black.
  • To make a large room feel cozier, use deep, dark colors.
  • Soft blue and white can make a living room feel calm and relaxed.

Notice how the neutral tones of beige and grey our model home living room pictured above give the room a luxurious feel.

3.Living Room Lighting Should Create a Relaxed, Comfortable Mood

Proper lighting treatments in a living room exemplify glamour and luxury. It is best to layer lighting so that there is a proper distribution of illumination. For instance table lamps that focus the light down will encourage people to sit down and relax. A beautiful chandelier can serve as a focal point. Dimmer lights also let you have more control over the mood of the room.  Notice how the table lamp and overhead lighting in our model home living room pictured above, point you to the seating.

4.Arrange Furniture in the Living Room for Conversation, Napping, and Entertainment

Arrange living room furniture so that those seated in the room will have a clear view of each other and the entertainment center.  Pulling seating pieces away from the walls will also make the space more inviting. And when selecting furniture, it wise to choose furniture that doubles as storage and a media center that can quickly be closed to hide bulky or unsightly electronics. Also, ornate furniture, such as Art Deco-style pieces, can add luxury and a focal point in your living room.  Notice how the seating is all facing each other in our model home living room pictured above.

5.Wallcoverings Should Reflect Your Personality and Style

To bring warmth, texture, and luxury to your walls consider wallpapering with a chic print that reflects your style. Architectural trim work will also add a beautiful, classic look to the room. And, any living room wall will come alive when you use them to display fine art or collections of beautiful photos of your family. The display of painting on the wall in our model home living room pictured above, bring character and style to the room.

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  1. Akshay says:

    I found you’re ideas very useful and photo’s you shared are a perfect example of luxury living I loved your second image the most which give a sense of luxury. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Akshay says:

    In short, appropriate light and perfect focal point with soothing color pattern completes your dream home. Thank you abspaces for sharing this information with us.

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